Rich in flavor, rich in science, rich in nutrition.

Vivify provides a curated selection of the best seeds in the world. Seeds that improve farmers' bottom line and provide consumers with highly nutritious, flavorful ingredients. Vivify develops public-private partnerships with leading academic institutions, supply chain technologists, and food industry experts to source, evaluate, and distribute unique seeds.

Grow better.

Grow smarter.

Grow with Vivify.

Seed Database

Access a host of information about seeds, including nutritional values, yields, and micro-nutritional analysis results. Compare and contrast varieties to make educated decisions.

E-Commerce & Marketplace

As a farmer, purchase directly from our e-commerce store.

As a breeder, register and securely sell approved heirloom seeds via our online platform.

Track & Trace

Seed-to-table traceability is supported by blockchain, so quality standards are met at every step of the journey.

Know what you grow

Vivify is committed to sourcing seeds that are healthy, resilient, and productive.
Our data-driven analysis lets us narrow down seeds that combine health, sustainability, and profitability for growers.

A new age of agriculture

Today, the opportunity exists to create a new standard of food and return to real, nourishing food while helping the industry build transparency to know exactly what we put into our bodies.

A farmer’s success is everyone’s gain

Empowered by Vivify platform's broad range of resources and services, farmers make informed decisions on healthy seeds to grow, getting ahead of general trends, and increasing their bottom line.